May 23, 2011

Father's Day and Man's Gift's

I decided I needed to take a stroll through the store  to look for what I will call "Man Gift's" for Father's Day.   So I put on my "Guy Eye" and this is some of what I found. 

Some men think they are"Chief" or maybe they collect "Indian Chief's"

Some men can be "Clown's" or collects them

 Some  are "Pioneer's"

Then there is the "Sport's Buff" Men.  Or "Fisherman"


Or even one who just likes to tell "Fish Stories"

Another man talks about the one that got away

Or the Man that "Love's the Sea"


Or the guy who just likes to sit and contemplate.

 Let us not forget the Golfing Man  and the Baseball Man


Or the Handy Dandy Man

I'd hate to forget the Travelling man

But the first man most of us treasure is our Dad.   I wish I still had my dad. How I would love getting just one more chance to get the privilege to go shop for just one special gift for him.   Unfortunately I can only encourage and assist you in purchasing a gift in my store to honor your dad. 

Just remember whichever type of dad you have be grateful for the special treasure you have when you have a dad.

May 20, 2011

Time And Changes

I was in the store yesterday for 1 hour and not once but twice in that short time I heard thos magical word.  "The store has changed a lot".  I wondered is that good or bad so I asked and I loved the answer it was "I love the fact that every time I come in here I find new merchandise and I love the way it all is displayed".   It may not seem like a lot  but to me it was music to me ears.  I keep trying new things.  

We have even added color.  Yes, wall color.  I  LOVE RED! 

Lot's of  Pretties

Even Toy's

If you haven't been in to see our changes you are missing a lot.

We have some incredible things coming our way in the near future.

Sorry for the delay, I promise to blog more often.

OH BTW... on our website at we soon will go live and have items for sale