April 18, 2011

New booths, New Look, New Meet Up... I love change

This past weekend was our Spring Sale and I am very excited to share photo's from many of the amazing "Creative Soul's" that we call "Dealers".

I don't know why I love the color red so much. In my store... in my dining room... Even in my bathroom

It amazes me how pretty Red and Blue can be. 
Rich red color's mixed with pastel blue is yummy.

Primitive mixed with fine china is incredibly elegant. I love the versatility.

Can anyone tell me why Noritake and Nippon look the same? 

I haven't figured out why I love glass!  Glass of many colors.

Here doggy ... doggy

Red Head's

Who would ever think tools could look so cool?

Here is to functional being  "As pretty as it gets".  Just like Industrial Chic metal is "Oh So ... beautiful"

Talk about childhood memories

How is your Bucket List coming along?

I have so many more photos to post but it is almost midnight so I guess tomorrow is another day.