September 23, 2011

Family Friends and Fashion

     I named this Family Friends and Fashion because my daughter Sloane  and her two best friends  Bonnie and Mizani along with my step-daughter Taylor came to my store to help show all the amazing vintage lingerie from Shadowline and  many repurposed pieces of clothing we have in our vintage clothing booth.The girls were given the job to do a fashion shoot and be creative. 
     The goal: Show how beautiful vintage lingerie can not only be used as lingerie, but also as outerwear.  In this case, "underwear as outerwear" or "streetwear".   And so started our day ...

 Our day was filled with lot's of fun and fashion.

Who would thing old pillow cases and tablecloths could be so cute?

With a slip here.    

A Baby Doll Pajama there.
and a whole lot of imagination

Our model's Bonnie and Mazani couldn't look cuter in these pieces of lingerie.

I am kind of wondering what these two had to talk about.

Just take a look at Bonnie(White Dress/White Gloves), Mazani (Pale Green), and Taylor (Baby Blue) are they cute or what?

Anyway, after letting the girls just have fun we got down to some serious photo's to show how cute these clothes could be and these girls made them rock!

From Day Wear Style

Do you think we found us a poser?

To Elegant Evening Style

To Basic Safari-Wear

Sloane (Elegant Pale Blue and Yellow Pant Safari Wear)

If there is Telephone Wear... We Found It!

 I don't know if the girl makes the clothes or the clothes make the girl but either way... WOW!

 Whether they were showing ...Peasant Style

or... Beautiful Lingerie. The girls made everything  look incredible

Can you believe that the clothing  below is made from vintage linens and bed sheets .

and even tableclothes

Who would think that everyday linens could become couture as shown by Sloane (Floral/stripe) and Taylor (White)?

I have to say that whatever she put on Sloane showed she is top's. Just look at her in this vintage top hat an you know who the ring leader of this group was.

and who came to have some fun

They all came to get dressed up

And show that Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The day was an incredible success.
By the way if you find yourself interested in any of these amazing outfits give us a call and we will check to see if still have any of these pieces. If not there are many other amazing pieces still available.  I promise if you love vintage we will rock your world. Just call Claudia at Cooper City Antique Mall. 

By the way almost all of the vintage lingerie is from Shadowline going back to the 1950's.