March 4, 2011

Our Ever Evolving "Designer Green Kitchen"

Stage 1 Our Before  I wanted this to be a kind of easy to see view of "Our Answer to The Disposable Society" we live in.  The furniture and lighting are how they were displayed good or bad in our store when Kevin saw it's potential.

Upper Middle

Upper Right Corner

Back Right

Chandelier 1 (Before)

It's amazing how different the room looks depending on the island

Island 1 (Before)

Who would think that a room that started like this could be so amazing?
Right Front Corner

Stage 2 Since our concept involved using a 250 square foot area in the front of our store (literally in our front window). we had to do a few  things to difine the area.  Since we just happened to have a few trellis's sitting there we suddenly had walls.  The floor you see above is one of the few items we had to go purchase for our project so we headed to Habitat Restore to keep to our Green Theme.

Walls for Room Division

Stage 3 This is really the "First" room design.  Green Island Design

Bench with Dining Table

Dining Area facing Entrance

Amazing Oven and Stove


What is the next Phase???
I guess only time will tell... Kevin Alden Reed has proven that with just 250 square feet of space you can have an amazing Green "Designer" Kitchen and Family Area. 

If you haven't had a chance to come in to the store to see this amazing kitchen which is the epitome of  Green, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurposing.  By using our antique store Kevin has mixed Antiques, Vintiques, and Mantiques with Victorian, Shabby, and Primitive to:

"Rock the Heart of Any Antique/Vintage Loving Soul"