December 23, 2010

There is nothing like a positive PR to make me feel good

So tonight as I was looking to update our blog's, facebook, and work on our new website that will be ready soon. I hoping for a New Years launch.  Anyway I don't know what search site I was on but wherever I was I typed in Cooper City Antique Mall and out popped a feel good link to an article about Cooper City Antique Mall. 

Good PR like Good Customer Service is a necessity today.  I have yet to figure out why some stores don't get that "if you don't  treat your customers well, someone else will."  Time and time again I have seen throughout my professional life that if someone has a good experience somewhere they may tell a friend, maybe two. But if they have one bad event they will tell everyone.  The same goes for articles.  I have read so may great articles about us at the Cooper City Antique Mall that I am really proud. Unfortunately for all the good articles I found, I only found 1 negative review which never should have been written. Someone had a bad experience, didn't give us a chance to correct it before they wrote it on the internet.  As soon as we did learned of their problem we corrected it.

I guess the irony of the situation and the reason I mention this is...When I tell people about the good PR we have had about our store and what we are doing they seem to want to focus on "the one event" . "The one we corrected", because it was the right thing to do.  I just wish that same person had done the right thing and would have also written how we did do the right thing.  Cooper City Antique Mall is a store that operates like a mall. We are made up of a lot of different "stores, dealers, vendors or better yet people". As "stores, dealers, vendors or better yet people" we can make mistakes.  If this happens I just ask that you give us a chance to correct it. 

In Case I don't get a chance to blog in the next few days. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I Love All the Sparkle and Glitter of the Holidays

It is amazing to me how the little girl in me comes out at Holiday time.  Walking through the antique mall everywhere I look makes me smile.

DANIELLE SCOTT: Portrait of an Awesome Acessorizer

DANIELLE SCOTT: Portrait of an Awesome Acessorizer

December 9, 2010

Go Green... Decorate with Antiques

Recycling old furniture, repurposing architectural items, and finding different uses for items is a great way to GO GREEN and at the same time have a home that truly reflects you. People often say “I don’t know where to begin” or “what if it looks terrible?” The answer is “just begin” and “so what, if it's not perfect.”

Spend some time wandering our store and pay attention to what catches your eye.  Is it the color, shape, or the type of object?  When walking through our antique mall I notice I am constantly drawn to old dolls, cherubs, and silver platters.  I realize how amazing it is that a mere 100 to 200 years ago someone designed one of these objects and I still get to touch, feel, and decorate with them. 

Items can be repurposed in your home. Old windows can be decoupaged with your favorite family photos and serve as towel racks in the bathroom, stacked vintage suitcases serve as a guest room end table and provide extra storage. The garden can be filled with items no longer serving their original purpose. Personally I have old toilet tanks, bathroom pedestal sinks, and old wooden doors. An old metal bed can serve as a perfect place for a “bed of roses” or a new garden bench.  

Set no rules on your choices, find objects that appeal to you. If necessary, repurpose them in a new function or form, and by doing so automatically RECYCLE and GO GREEN.

Talk about re-use. Here is the ultimate flower, one you can forget to water.
I'd love to hear "What is your best re-purposed antique?"

Did somebody break a dish?

It's time to Celebrate and Help "Toys for Tots"

Don't miss our Holiday OPEN HOUSE

December 15th and 16th
4pm to 9pm both

Of course our store will be open regular hours as well. 
Bring your shopping list and join us for the festivities  
This year as so many families are struggling so hard we decided to do something for the community.  If you would like to participate in our Toys for Tots toy drive,
Please bring an unwrapped toy

Holiday Front Picture

It's All In the Display

Ccam 006
One thing I have to say is there is nothing like beautiful visual display.  I find my favorite dealers are the ones who take the time to make everything in their booth look like something I must have.   The more time I spend in the antique mall the more I realize how hard many of our dealers work to make everything look as pretty as they do.  
Ccam 009

As most of the pictures I have started this blog off with are from the day of one of our fabulous sales you must excuse the sale signs.  Not that everyone doesn't love a sale.  I will continue to add images from our store and hopefully I will learn more and more on how to make this blog one you don't want to miss.

Ccam 016

Ccam 031
Ccam 039

I often giggle to myself when I enter the antique mall how easily it would be for me to redecorate my house "regularly".  Something tell's me that will not sit well with my husband at all.