February 2, 2011

Cooper City Antique Mall Unveils "Our Answer to the Disposable Society We Live In"

On Saturday January 29th and 30th we finally revealed "Our Answer to The Disposable Society We Live In"

Interior Decorator: Kevin Alden Reed designed an outstanding "designer kitchen" using items from our own store.  This project was kind of our version of what Ikea has done with the modern kitchen.  In 250sq/ft using 90 percent antiques,vintage, or recycled products this kitchen was designed.

This primitive table made an incredible island.

This amazing stove and oven was from a deconstruction. I purchased and stored  it hoping someday I would buy a second home and decided it would be amazing to show how a kitchen could be designed using quality antiques.
Kevin designed this kitchen with even a small desk as often in a small kitchen is present.

Even the details of a bench seat and vintage paintings added a charm to a kitchen that literally is located in a storefront window that would make anyone want to move in.

Kevin did an incredible job at not only showing antiques from all of our dealers but better yet he proved that antiques are the origianl green and you don't have to negatively impact our carbon footprint to have a beautiful kitchen. 

Cooper City Antique Mall believe’s in all the R’s Rescue-Repair-Reuse-Repurpose-
We consider antiques "The Original form of Green”. 
In addition to the antiques we already had in our store our flooring and sink were purchased at  Habitat Re-Store which is a store dedicated to the same R's we follow

We also are very proud that Yanet of 3 Sunkissed Boys wrote about us on her blog :